New Morph Solo wheels

Introducing the new Morph Solo wheels by Reckless! The radically advance dual-pour Morph wheels  have just introduced a baby brother. The Morph Solo is a single durometer wheel with all high quality features of a Morph classic. The Morph Solo has the same great link core, same great formula, and same speed and grip, in […]

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New Radar Halo Wheels

Order them here The Radar Halo is a brand new high-end wheel for derby. The Halo is a culmination of nearly 2 years worth of research and design. Featuring the most advanced core (hub) on the market, the startlingly light Halo provides great access to edge work without loss of grip and control. Created specifically for modern […]

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Understanding Roller Skate Plates

       Understanding Roller Skate Plates Degrees 10 and 20 degree = more stability 45 degree = more agility 10 (Avanti, Avanti aluminum, Reactor Neo, Reactor Pro) 20 (Venus, Apollo) 45 (Avenger, Arius) = more agility, have to go down sizes in plates to get smaller wheel bases. More sensitive to movement allowing to change directions […]

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Cushions; a small great upgrade!

*~*~*Skate and Gear Maintenance Tips*~*~* Tip #2 Cushions The right cushions can help improve your skating skills, loosening or tightening your trucks it is NOT what makes your plates more or less responsive. Cushions on the other hand will make your trucks move and respond to your movements. Cushions come in different shapes and brands, […]

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Gear Gab – Juice Wheels

Rumbling Rage presents: Gear Gab Juice wheels – Java and Jolt Java Let’s start with Java – because it’s really the best way to start your day. This is a well-rounded wheel (hah!). Juice made this one with derby players in mind – it’s got durability, and that’s really its best feature. This wheel tends to last […]

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