Understanding Roller Skate Plates

       Understanding Roller Skate Plates


10 and 20 degree = more stability

45 degree = more agility

  • 10 (Avanti, Avanti aluminum, Reactor Neo, Reactor Pro)
  • 20 (Venus, Apollo)
  • 45 (Avenger, Arius) = more agility, have to go down sizes in plates to get smaller wheel bases. More sensitive to movement allowing to change directions and quicker lateral movements.

You can go up or down plate sizes to get shorter or longer wheel bases in every plate.

Short mount vs. Standard mount

Short mounts are normally done for 45-degree angle plates. The wheel base in these plates is normally longer (if you compare them with a 10 degree in the same size) so you have to go down 1 to 2 sizes to get a smaller wheel base. The smaller the plates the smaller the turning radius, making them respond faster to stops and lateral movements

Pivot pins

  • Adjustable (Reactor Pro, Avenger, Avanti Magnesium, Venus
  • Non-adjustable (Reactor Neo, Avanti Aluminum)
  • No kingpin (Arius)



  • Arius Plate (45 degree) Offers progressive lateral movement with no kingpin. Movement provided solely by cushions. It eliminates stress points found in “traditional” roller skate plates which makes them more stable
  • Reactor Pro (10 degree) Adjustable pivot pins, ultra-lightweight. Nylon lock adjustment nut for better adjustment.
  • Reactor Neo (10 degree angle) non adjustable pivot pins. Click action kingpin adjustment nut for easier more precise adjustment.


  • Avenger magnesium (45 degree) light and strong with hollow kingpin. Adjustable pivot pins, strong pivot cups. Offers great agility
  • Avenger aluminum (45 degree) Strong, same as magnesium plate just slightly heavier.
  • Avanti magnesium (10 degree) Strong and light. Offers more stability. Adjustable pivot pins and strong pivot cups.
  • Avanti aluminum (10 degree) Super affordable. Non-adjustable pivot pins. Creates more stability and control.

Crazy Skates

  • Venus (20 degree) Non-adjustable pivot pins. Strong and very responsive. Offers more stability
  • Apollo (20 degree) Nylon. Non-adjustable pivot pins. Great for people on a budget looking to upgrade their basic nylon plate. Allen screw adjustable toe stop. Stronger than a standard nylon plate.



Plates Weight Chart

*Approximate weights for one plate only (size 5 or comparable)

Reactor pro 6 ounces
Arius 6.16 ounces
Avenger Magnesium 6.80 ounces
Reactor Neo 7.16 ounces
Avenger Aluminum 7.95 ounces
Venus 8.62 ounces


All these plates have pros and cons. Choosing a plate comes down to what you require the plate to do for you. Do you need more stability or more agility? More speed? More control? Ask yourself what you need to improve on or what you are lacking in terms of skating skills and that will help you decide what plate to go for.

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